Chechens Dijon 2020 june

In June 2020, groups of Chechens invaded the center of Dijon with iron bars to avenge one of their own, a 16-year-old who had been threatened on June 10 with a revolver in his mouth in the name of his Chechen identity. After these exactions, strong tensions took place between the Chechen communities and the inhabitants of the Gresilles neighborhood during 4 nights. One day, terrorized and lonely, the inhabitants of the Gresilles district gathered on the central square of the district and set fire to the barricades to protect themselves from the eventual return of the Chechens (who had left the day before). Cars were also set ablaze before the arrival many hours later of the firemen and police forces, including the Raid. Following these days of tension and violence, people were arrested, including Chechens. Here we can see Chechen families who came from the surrounding area to support those arrested. Men, women and children gathered in front of the police station and in front of the judicial district of Dijon. Having fled the war in their country, little known, few in number and usually discreet in France, Chechens are very close-knit populations with a strong sense of honor and morality who come to confront French social and legal rules.