Sabrina Dolidze is a French documentary photographer. With a Master's degree in Sociology, she combines photography with her knowledge to take an analytical look at the world, highlighting in a sensitive way the humanity of her subjects in their social reality. Sabrina loves to travel, to meet new cultures, an interest that she draws from her Georgian origins. Her roads are not traced, only the crossroads at their intersections.


Publications (web et/ou print) : Le Monde, La Croix, Libération, Le Figaro, L'humanité, Le Pèlerin, Alternatives Economiques, Marianne, Le Nouvel Observateur…

Coming soon: November/December 2020: Exhibition as part of the Nuits D'orient festivity "One two three, viva l'algérie... (in the feminine)" from November 22nd till December 5th.

January/February 2020 : Exhibition "Yellow Vests" in New Zealand at Whangarei in "Shutterroom Gallery".

November-December 2019: Exhibition "Women of Georgia, tradition and modernity" Exhibition at the MJC des Gresilles Dijon as part of the Nuits D'orient festival

September 2019: "Yellow Vests" Screening of 15 photos at the Campo Santo Perpignan as part of the Festival "Visa pour l'image" 2019

June 2019 : Screening "Yellow Vests" in Chile in Curicó at the University of Talca as part of the 360 Festival Transcultural Photography Festival

November 2018: Exhibition as part of the festival Sang d'Encre in Vienna (literature plicière) series "Humaines".

September-November 2018 : 360° exhibition transcultural photography festival at the train station and the Zenith of Dijon, "Republican Champions" series

December 2017 Exhibition "Humaines" from 31/11/17 to 31/12/17 at the Mansart Theater, 94 boulevard Mansart in Dijon.

October-November 2017 Exhibition " Humaines " from 16/10/17 to 17/11/17 in Inuk 45 rue de la Préfecture Dijon - Inuk is a studio dedicated to photography (darkroom, studio rental, photo training/workshops and exhibition).

June/July 2017 Realization of the poster for a conference-show for the Company "Patries Imaginaires".

June 2017 Realization of the photo for the poster of the legislative elections of 2017 EELV, 1st district of Dijon.

2012/2014 Realization of the photo of the live show "Les règles de l'Art" for the Company "Patries Imaginaires" - Publication of the photo of the show on the posters and on the catalog of the national scene of Bar le Duc, season 2012/2013