Yellow vests 2018-2019 Paris-Dijon

Convinced from the start that the Yellow Vests movement would make history, Sabrina Dolidze followed almost all the demonstrations of the movement in Paris and Dijon. Her photographic report highlights the social inequalities that are shaking the yellow waistcoats and gradually leading them to a quasi-revolutionary struggle with the government, of which the forces of order are the last bastion. Marked by growing injustices, the citizens dream of a better world to which they wish to contribute, but they do not get the desired answers. The situation degenerates into an escalation of violence. The climate is heavy, the tensions are palpable, the images highlight the balance of power on both sides and question the fragility of the democratic system in our society today. Through the balance of power, the photographer has sought to highlight the varying states of the demonstrators between hope, determination, anger, confrontation, violence, despair and fatigue. The photos were taken in Paris and Dijon.