In this collection I wanted to give to dolls a mirror effect of our humanity. Making unanimated objects humans gives them, at least to me, a stronger character in order to reveal our existence. Caught in their own story, dolls become hence alive.
The doll to me is interesting because it carries multiple meanings and symbols. Far from its simple and recreational or funny function, it is a bridge towards the world of adulthood: children tend to claim this world of adults with this object via games and the dramatization, or staging characters. The doll is also an objects that transcends the real and the unreal world in it’s black magic, or even more in the horror movies.
My approach: I took pictures of dolls in many and different yard sales in Bourgogne and in Brussels region without touching or staging them. The fact that it all had to do with yard sales is quite important to me because those dolls carry in themselves signs of un-cared for and abandon and of time passing. It is also the reason why I posed the lenses of my camera on them, just as I saw them at the time when they were being sold, ready to find another life!