Global security ?

Supported by members of the government and police unions, the comprehensive security law was proposed and examined in the National Assembly between 17 and 20 November 2020. In particular, Article 24 was the subject of much opposition among the global population, but also among journalists and associations defending civil liberties. It provided for the punishment of those who disseminate images of police or military personnel with the aim of harming their physical or psychological integrity. For the demonstrators, this is an attack on democracy and freedom of information. Demonstrations took place all over France (sometimes called "march for freedom"), bringing together several thousand people in Paris. Tensions occurred between the police and the demonstrators on the margins of these demonstrations. During this movement, the George Floyd case came to light, accentuating the importance of the diffusion of images. Faced with the importance of the global movement, the government had to back down and rewrite Article 24. Journalists were abused in this movement. Several were injured, and even arrested, which led the organization Reporter Without Borders to file a complaint for intentional violence by a person in charge of public authority and against the Prefect of Paris.